This is the best way to insure your chimney will meet your winter venting needs.
                We will do a complete written evaluation of the conditoin of your system, and 
                determine if it needs to be cleaned.
            Inspections Are For:
             1.  Determining chimney integrity for all types of fuel.
                 2.  Catching problems early; before they cause expensive trouble.
                 3.  Showing changes over time; like seeing the dentist regularly.
                 4.  Checking chimneys for obstruction.
                 5.  Reassure peace of mind.
                 6.  Saving money, hassles and potential lawsuits if the property is for sale or rent.
            Chimney Problems Can Cause A Loss Of Property
             It happened thousands of times last year; chimney defects resulted in home fires.  
                It doesn't take much to start a home fire......a spark flitting through a crack in the
                chimney wall into the attic.....a chimney ember igniting a creosote fire which then
                climbs the full height of the chimney "looking" for an opening in the chimney wall.