Chimney Relinning
  There are several reason your chimney may need to be relined:

  1.  To replace cracked or broken flue tiles due to a chimney fire, old
       age, or general deterioration.  During a chimney fire, flue tiles will often be
         cracked or broken causing a dangerous condition which will allow creosote to 
         build up inside the cracks.  With that happening this could possibly catch fire
         and spread to the structure or broken flue tiles could collapse blocking the flue 
         causing smoke or carbon monoxide to back up into the home.  We can solve
         this problem by removing the deteriorated, cracked or broken flue tiles and 
         replacing them with new ones.
 2.  To upgrade/downsize your flue for different appliances.
       Todays more efficient furnaces and boilers either require no chimney at all or a
         much smaller flue.  If you install a high efficiency furnace which does not require
         a chimney you will need to downsize your flue to the proper size for your water
         heater.  Most of the modern furnaces require a much smaller flue than what
         your original chimney has.  We can solve this problem by installing a UL listed 
         chimney linner of the proper size for your requirements.
 3.  To upgrade old masonry chimneys which were built without linners.
       Masonry chimneys without linners are often damaged by the creosote or
         condensation build up inside the chimney.  This could lead to a chimney fire, 
         carbon monoxide or smoke entering the home.  This can also allow wet creosote
         stains to come through the walls surrounding the chimney.