Chimney caps are the most inexpensive preventative measure that a homeowner  can purchase. 
            Chimneys  should  be capped before a problem starts. We install  flue caps for both single and
             multi flue chimneys.  A variety of  custom  caps can be built for unusual chimneys or if you 
            have an unusually large chimney,  or have any other  special considerations for your home or 
             building, we can have a custom cap fabricated to meet your needs.
        Dampers often don't open and close properly. Sometimes adjustments can be made.  However, 
             if the damper  cannot be repaired then a new damper can be installed.  Other options are caps
             that act as dampers to replace inefficient or non-existent fireplace throat dampers.          


     Chimney Cap Keeps Out The Rain
      Ice and Snow
     Damper hard to move or 
       If this was the only reason for installing a cap
       it would be enough.  Water puddles up on the
       smoke shelf, mixes with the creosote in the 
       chimney and turns into a highly corrosive
       acid which seeps down and attacks the mortar
       joints on the back wall of the fire place.  The 
       mortar becomes weak and presto, the bricks
       on the wall become loose.
       Besides that:
       Water can set off a bad smell in the chimney.
       This will happen in warm weather, especially
       if the chimney is dirty or has animal 
       droppings on the smoke shelf.
       Water speeds the rusting of metal parts of 
       your fireplace, thus costing you
       expensive repairs.  
       A Cap Keeps Out Birds, Squirrels
     and Other Varmits
       Their droppings accumulate in a huge vulgar
       mass on the smoke shelf causing a bad smell,
       and is a breeding ground for mites and 
       A squirrel can wreck a house faster than a 
       dozen two-year-olds.  Once they get inside the 
       chimney the only way out for them is through 
       the damper.
       Raccoons love to raise their young in the nice 
       dark and warm smoke shelf, just a couple of 
       feet from your living room.  Animals nesting 
       in your chimney result in dangerous flue
       A Cap Inhibits Backpuffing
       Backpuffing (fireplace smoke coming back 
       into the house) can result from several factors.
       One of them is downdrafts.  A cap
       helps improve your chimney's draft.
       A chimney without a proper cap may allow 
       airborne embers to ignite shingles, leaves, 
       trees, or grass.
      A Cap Keeps Out Leaves
     Leaves can choke a flue and set off a chimney
       fire in a dirty flue.  As you can see, there is 
       propably no single investment that you can 
       make for your chimney that will return  
       so much to you.  You have invested $5-10,000 in
       your fireplace, why not protect that