About Us
      Established in 1979, we at Top Hat Chimney Sweeps of Kalamazoo,  MI are a family 
      owned business not a franchise and we pride ourselves on being able to provide nearly any type 
      of service you could need for your chimney, from building to cleaning to restoration.  Fully lisenced
      and insured and well know throughout the area for 25  years, we have been providing our
      customers with the spotless, professional and quality service that they deserve and expect.  We 
      know that you have a choice of chimney cleaning companies and we want you to feel confident 
      that we are the BEST one!  That is why we employ full-time chimney sweeps as opposed to seasonal 
      help so that you always receive top-notch service from an experienced professional.  Our customer
      is always our number one priority.  We also do not solicit because our BESTadvertisement is a 
      referral from a satisfied customer.
        Our chimney cleaning service is second to NONE!  We Use a fine blend of modern-day
      technology and old world craftmanship.  We will use the proper size and style of chimney brush
      in cleaning your chimney and fireplace.  We always use clean drop-cloths and we take special pride in 
     our guaranteed absolutely NO MESS policy.  We use the Patented August West System 
     (combines high-powered vaccums with traditional wire brush scrubbing to remove chimney soot and
     creosote from your fireplace or woodstove).  This vac system is specifically designed for chimney cleaning
     to control all dust.  We will drop-cloth off our work area, and we will begin the thorough cleaning process.
     We perform inspections with every chimney sweep.  You can be assured that when we arrive it will be on
      time and a fully qualified and seasoned professional chimney sweep will be doing the cleaning and
      inspection of your heating system.  We can also remove that stubborn 3rd stage creosote that can not be 
      removed by brushing alone.  Since it's essential these days to get maximum value for the money you spend,
      contracting with us is your intelligent choice.  Some people call themselves a chimney sweep only 
      because they own a few brushes, a vaccum and a ladder. in reality, it takes years of training and
      experience to be skilled in the trade as a seasoned professional.  We send out a seasoned professional
      sweep to each and every sweep whose qualifications include:

     1. Proven knowledge of fire codes.
     2. Standards and regulations.
     3. Commitment to education.
     4. Commitment to proffessionalism.
     5. Knowledge of all types of creosote removal.
     6. Provide proven solutions to your chimney problems.
     7. Solutions for complex draft and smoke peculiarities.
     8. Educated and seasoned problem-solvers.
     9. Licensed builder and mason contractor with over 25 years experience.